Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still here; two feet on the ground

Yes everyone, I have survived these past few weeks. lol. I chose that word on purpose. As for the euphoria, I think that as much as my personality and brain lets me, it has come. But I do have to tell you that a lot of people fake that "cloudiness" and "out-of-this-world" feeling. Of course it is amazing to be engaged. But everyone forgets the nervousness, the need to please a whole bunch of new people, and the roller-coaster ride of emotions that come along with everything. And the scary notion of change.

Everyone keeps asking me what it feels like to be this way. Let me tell you: it feels the same. I mean, sure, now I have to worry about silly things like the colors of dresses and coordinating shabbosim, but otherwise, I am still me. I have not been lifted to another planet where everything else in my life falls to the wayside. I mean, hello, this is AK we are talking about. I still have my reports, my mid-terms, and my friends. I do not believe in dropping friends just because I happen to be getting married. Everyone still needs their friends, no matter how amazing their chosson is. Yes, he is a very important part of my life and will always be. And he is and will always be my first best friend. But he does not replace all of the other relationships in my life, and neither do I replace his.