Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Out of the Race

I am so glad to be out of the race. No pressure, no worrying what everyone else is doing, that everyone else has a ring, that everyone else has a baby... none.

Its the time. I thought that other bloggers were a little funny when they said that they had their first baby, but their friends had seconds... and they were behind. I mean, once you have one, you are set, right?

Well, for me yes. I definitely felt a little wary about getting engaged, when when when. The same for having a baby. Second- seriously- whenever hashem deems it the time. Im at the point where all of my friends here who married a bit before me- have two, or are almost about to have two. I know that some of my friends feel the pressure- they have admitted to me that they do. I don't. Really. Im not even trying to convince you, me, or anyone else.

I feel so happy. So hopeful for the future. And I wanted to relay the message. The race DOES end. It really does!!!