Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Rosh Hashana Reflection

I think this is my third year of blogging-- wow. Every year around Rosh Hashana time, I look back and remember what has happened to me in the past year. Last year I had just had little aidel a while before, and felt so connected to Rosh Hashana, how I had davened to have a little one before the next year, and there I was, sitting a year later with her. I felt so connected.

The year before that, I had davened to be wearing a sheitel the next year in shul. And that next year, I was. When we have these days of marking, to look back upon, it can really make you think. Why doesn't a random day, say March 7, make you think about the last year? But your birthday does? Because the day has meaning.

Hashem gives, and Hashem takes. Let us all feel the warmth of Rosh Hashana, the spirituality and the feeling that if we daven for it, Hashem can give it and next year can be different.