Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I know I am supposed to write an all-inspiring post of how it is to live in Israel and be back after Pesach, but I can't. I do love it here. Its so full of kedusha, with an oppurtunity to go to the kosel or geulah whenever I feel like it. Its just different. I miss my family and my friends in America. And I forgot how lonely it is to be alone for most of the day.

Furthermore, most of the few married friends that I had here moved back before Pesach. Its just weird to be back here when none of them are. No one really to call or do anything with, when Im not busy with my schoolwork or my apartment. I'm not complaining, I know I am so lucky to be here. My husband thrives here in his yeshiva, and where else can I make shabbos and have guests at my table whenever I like?

I guess I also feel that gap that was talking about. I feel really separated from my friends in America whom are single. We really are now at different stages in life, and I don't want our friendships to disentegrate... but they will. I still make an effort to call them, but our conversations have changed. I just feel helpless because I don't want to be the married friend that forgot them. To me... it feels like they are the single girls who forgot me.