Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seminary: phased out?

Well, I went to seminary. The thought of being away from home for the year gave me goosebumps up until the plane ride. I'm not sure if I truly wanted to go, or if I knew I should... or a combination. But I got into my first choice, and I went.

And I cried. For a bit. I was very homesick, and I missed my family, my mother, my house, my life. But eventually, I got over it and made some great friends. Yes, I learned plenty. Had many experiences. Would I repeat the year? Never. Do I think that it was very good for me? Yes, of course.

But now... Aidel's sister is approaching the age of Seminary. Its a very tough topic. I don't think that she wants to go so much. She does, but she is not one that is dying to go. And my parents do not know where the money will go to pay for her. B'H, my parents are comfortable. But the thought of 25,000 additional dollars necessary for her year in Israel (Oh yes, with the plane tickets, spending cash, phone bills, and food bills that she is bound to have) it is just a LOT of money. And to spend it when she isn't even so enthused about it... they aren't sure.

I was speaking to a few young girls who are the age or soon to be age of going to sem, and it seems that less people are going. Is this true? From my year in HS, EVERYONE went. I mean sure, there were the few that stayed home, and they still get eyebrows for why they did not go. I don't want that to happen to my sister. Plus, I'd love to have her here in E'Y. And I do think that it is good for her. I'm just torn on whether its necessary for her to go.

As is she. What do you think?

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Erev Shabbos

Usually, friday is busy. Not always hectic, but busy. This week finds me sitting at the computer, with a loss of what I usually do.

I normally cook most things Thursday night, leave a few things for friday but not too much. Friday is for straightening up the house, sponja, calling every relative in America, and getting ready for shabbos. Theres always the last minute hot-plate to turn on or sticking the kishka into the cholent pot right before shabbos.

I guess I must have cleaned up this whole week, having the free time that I did. And I finished all of my cooking yesterday, and quite early I might add. So its strange to have this time now to do... nothing. I don't want to start any of the projects on my to-do list because its Friday. I already set up the guest room... and I can't set the table yet because Mr. Aidel isn't home and has his stuff there.

I'm definitely enjoying the peace. I know that no matter what, by the time its time to light candles, Ill be rushing with not enough minutes. But for now, I sit and wait for shabbos to come.