Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Davening works!

Wow. I cannot first begin to thank all of my listeners and commenters. You really gave me sound advice, and did not make my problems feel trivial. But baruch hashem, something just happened. I davened so hard, asking Hashem to please make him reconsider. Make him listen to my view, even if it is on this. Because I know that even if this one boy is not for me, I need to go out there and break the ice, and get my feet a little wet. I think maybe once I start going out, he may realize the situation that really is.

Well, I did not need to go to his Rebbe. I was planning on it, with my mother of course, and that is a tremendous step for me. My father is an amazing person. He does more chessed than anyone I know, runs tons of organizations, and seriously is an honest and caring person. He would give the poor neighbor the shirt off his back, and he constantly puts others and their plight before my family. And right now, that is the problem. But... like I said. He does not really listen when it comes to other's opinions. And with shidduchim, it has gotten impossible.

So... I just davened. Poured out my soul to Hashem, asking him to please help. And miraculously, and suddenly, my father changed his mind. He decided that he was wrong, and if I wanted to go out with this boy, I could.
I am not saying that all is better. There will be issues in the future, and I will have to talk to someone about it. But right now, I just feel relieved. A huge weight has been lifted off my chest.

More on me, and my secret life later. But for now, I just wanted to inspire you, and mainly myself. I am not the girl who is always shuckling and remembering to daven mincha. Hey, I am lucky if I daven shacharis. But I do feel like I speak to Hashem and ask of him things. But wow. An answer that was so powerful and direct. I do feel loved, and so so lucky.


halfshared said...

I am so happy for you that your father finally sees things from your point of view..or at least sort of. I wish you lots of hatzlacha and clarity. If this boy is not the right one, it should be clear to both of you from the beginning and the right one should come along soon. I'yh when the right one comes, nobody, not even your father, will be able to stand in the way. Good luck.

SuperRaizy said...

That is great news! Hashem really does listen to our prayers. I hope that this experience strengthens you so that in the future, you will be more willing to stand up and make your voice heard.
Good luck!

Lvnsm27 said...

wow, that's amazing, I'm happy for you, hatzlacha

Bas~Melech said...

Wow, that's a good one. :-)
Here's hoping that all your tefilos get answered like this one, l'tovah.