Saturday, January 26, 2008

it's official!

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, NO, I AM NOT ENGAGED. Hey, I have not even dated anyone yet. But, Aidel's BEST FRIEND is officially engaged. I knew this was coming, because I knew when she first dated him, and when it became serious. And I am still in a little bit of shock.

First off- I am soo soo excited for her. When she warned me, I was jumping up and down and could not stop smiling. Some of my friends thought that I was getting serious.. haha. It was cute. And even now, when I think about it, I am so so excited. I really am proud of myself- for not feeling the approach of the green monster. I assure myself that I will not lose her friendship, and that I too will i"yh be joining her in the suit of matrimony and will only benefit because I have an experienced close individual who can help guide me through the whatnots.

I just feel a little inexperienced. I mean, here she is, going and getting married, and I have not even dated yet. And on that note- Hopefully that is changing very soon. Which I am in midst of freaking out about. I mean, it has never been ok for me to talk to a boy. And now everyone is shoving me in some strange guy's direction, coaxing me to get to know him. Hah. I am terrified of making a fool of myself, of being mute, of blushing, and just looking idiotic. I have a tendency to smile goofily when I am nervous and blush profusively. Ahhhhh.

More on this later.


Anonymous said...

Whoohoo! Mazal tov! Engaged friends are so much fun. Keep her talking - it shouldn't be hard. Happy people are fun to be around. (Though they're also nervous as a mouse in a crazy cat lady's house.)

And don't worry about the date: just be yourself and pretend he's a normal person - it's easier than you'd think. And make sure you have a good time, because whatever happens, you don't want to have wasted any time being uncomfortable.

halfshared said...
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Bas~Melech said...

Mazal tov on your friend's engagement! The best thing about having a best friend engaged is that you pick up all kinds of great tips of what to look out for when it's your turn ;)

About your own upcoming parsha, this won't take away the normal anxiety, but I'll say it anyway because it's good to hear: There's nothing to worry about. Boys are only people. Most of them even understand that you're human, too.
Whatever, there's nothing I can do to ease your anxiety except wait for you to get in there and see that you're OK after all.

If you're freaked out about worst-case scenarios and dating horror stories, try asking yourself "What if?" But seriously, what if. You'll find that the answers generally aren't as scary as the question. (for example, "What if my coke spills all over me?" Hm, fairly embarrassing thing to be thinking the night before your first date. Now answer the question: What if? Well, my skirt will turn brown: OK, I'll wear a black skirt. I'll be damp: Uncomfortable, but not hellish. He'll think I'm a klutz: Possible, but it could happen to anyone. Awkward pause: Pull out the "topics-for-awkward-pauses" list. Etc.)

Scraps said...

Mazal tov to your friend! It's always exciting when someone you're close to gets engaged and married, and if you can be fully involved in her simcha without even a tinge of jealousy, so much the better. :)

I also started dating after nearly all of my friends were dating already, and many were married. It's normal to be nervous...but remember, guys are people too, and he's probably just as freaked out to be sitting there talking to a girl as you are to be sitting there talking to a boy! I'm sure you'll be fine. Hatzlacha rabba! May your time in the parsha be short and painless.

Anonymous said...

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